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Yael Friedman-Levi, Ph.D יעל פרידמן-לוי

Years before I became a scientist I was already an artist. In fact, I never stopped been an artist all the way through my B.Sc.Med science degree, my M.Sc in biochemistry and finally through my Ph.D in neuroscience. 

Today I am a Neurology researcher (specialized in neurodegenerative disorders, traumatic brain injuries and Cannabinoids), a lecturer in Medical school and a graphic designer. Been a scientist and a teacher I especially enjoy making complex things look simple.  I look at complicated data and immediately know how to properly represent it so everybody can easily understand what its all about.

I truly enjoy putting things in order and making it look neat and attractive.

Making your manuscript, posters and figures shine above all the rest is what I do best. 

Yael Friedman-Levi